Monday, September 17, 2007

Remodel or rearrange what you call it, it's still a mess

I'm trying to remodel or rearrange our home. You see we live in a small home (a 1 bed room, 1 bath, small kitchen and small living room). Yes, all 4 of us live in this tiny home and to top it off the walls need 4 more feet to be seen as full walls. Don't get me wrong in the middle of the room it's the full 8. And at the bottom is 4 feet of wall before the ceiling starts, so I guess we live in attic. I'm trying to find all our things in this tiny home that all it looks like is clutter. I would really want some help but I have none. I'm trying to fit everything in but my brain hurts, I sort of feel like I'm in tetris you know the game. Then I'm piling things up that I want to try to sell in a yard sale and if it doesn't sell I'm going to give it away to charity. But the more I move things the more of a mess we have. I have been slowly cleaning for about 1 week already and still not done.

Rough layout of our home: